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An email remote.

This is used to report pipeline status via email.
Multiple updates appear as a single thread.
import os
import time
import smtplib
from html import escape as html_escape

from email.headerregistry import Address
from email.message import EmailMessage
from pathlib import Path
from urllib.parse import urlparse

from jaypore_ci.interfaces import Remote, Repo
from jaypore_ci.logging import logger

[docs]class Email(Remote): # pylint: disable=too-many-instance-attributes """ You can send pipeline status via email using this remote. In order to use it you can specify the following environment variables in your secrets: .. code-block:: console JAYPORE_EMAIL_PASSWORD=some-app-password, If you're using something other than gmail, you can specify `JAYPORE_EMAIL_HOST` and `JAYPORE_EMAIL_PORT` as well. Once that is done you can supply this remote to your pipeline instead of the usual gitea one. .. code-block:: python from jaypore_ci import jci, remotes, repos git = repos.Git.from_env() email = remotes.Email.from_env(repo=git) with jci.Pipeline(repo=git, remote=email) as p: pass # Do something :param host: What smtp host to use. :param port: Smtp port to use. :param addr: Smtp address to use for login. :param password: Smtp password to use for login. :param email_to: Which address the email should go to. :param email_from: Which address should be the sender of this email. :param subject: The subject line of the email. :param only_on_failure: If set to True, a single email will be sent when the pipeline fails. In all other cases no email is sent. :param publish_interval: Determines the delay in sending another email when we are sending multiple email updates in a single email thread. If `only_on_failure` is set, this option is ignored. """
[docs] @classmethod def from_env(cls, *, repo: Repo) -> "Email": """ Creates a remote instance from the environment. """ remote = urlparse(repo.remote) owner = Path(remote.path).parts[1] name = Path(remote.path).parts[2].replace(".git", "") return cls( host=os.environ.get("JAYPORE_EMAIL_HOST", ""), port=int(os.environ.get("JAYPORE_EMAIL_PORT", 465)), addr=os.environ["JAYPORE_EMAIL_ADDR"], password=os.environ["JAYPORE_EMAIL_PASSWORD"], email_to=os.environ["JAYPORE_EMAIL_TO"], email_from=os.environ.get( "JAYPORE_EMAIL_FROM", os.environ["JAYPORE_EMAIL_ADDR"] ), subject=f"JCI [{owner}/{name}] [{repo.branch} {repo.sha[:8]}]", branch=repo.branch, sha=repo.sha, )
def __init__( self, *, host: str, port: int, addr: str, password: str, email_to: str, email_from: str, subject: str, only_on_failure: bool = False, publish_interval: int = 30, **kwargs, ): # pylint: disable=too-many-arguments super().__init__(**kwargs) # --- customer = host self.port = port self.addr = addr self.password = password self.email_to = email_to self.email_from = email_from self.subject = subject self.timeout = 10 self.publish_interval = publish_interval self.only_on_failure = only_on_failure # --- self.__smtp__ = None self.__last_published_at__ = None self.__last_report__ = None @property def smtp(self): if self.__smtp__ is None: smtp = smtplib.SMTP_SSL(, self.port) smtp.ehlo() smtp.login(self.addr, self.password) self.__smtp__ = smtp return self.__smtp__
[docs] def logging(self): """ Return's a logging instance with information about gitea bound to it. """ return logger.bind(addr=self.addr,, port=self.port)
[docs] def publish(self, report: str, status: str) -> None: """ Will publish the report via email. :param report: Report to write to remote. :param status: One of ["pending", "success", "error", "failure", "warning"] This is the dot next to each commit in gitea. """ assert status in ("pending", "success", "error", "failure", "warning") if ( self.__last_published_at__ is not None and (time.time() - self.__last_published_at__) < self.publish_interval and status not in ("success", "failure") ) or (self.only_on_failure and status != "failure"): return if self.__last_report__ == report: return self.__last_report__ = report self.__last_published_at__ = time.time() # Let's send the email msg = EmailMessage() msg["Subject"] = self.subject msg["From"] = Address("JayporeCI", "JayporeCI", self.email_from) msg["To"] = self.email_to msg.set_content(report) msg.add_alternative( f"<html><body><pre>{html_escape(report)}</pre></body></html>", subtype="html", ) try: self.smtp.send_message(msg) except Exception as e: # pylint: disable=broad-except self.logging().exception(e) self.__last_published_at__ = time.time() self.logging().info( "Report published", subject=self.subject, email_from=self.email_from, email_to=self.email_to, )