Source code for jaypore_ci.repos.git

import subprocess
from typing import List

from jaypore_ci.interfaces import Repo

[docs]class Git(Repo):
[docs] def files_changed(self, target: str) -> List[str]: "Returns list of files changed between current sha and target" return ( subprocess.check_output( f"git diff --name-only {target} {self.sha}", shell=True ) .decode() .strip() .split("\n") )
[docs] @classmethod def from_env(cls) -> "Git": """ Gets repo status from the environment and git repo on disk. """ remote = ( subprocess.check_output( "git remote -v | grep push | head -n1 | grep https | awk '{print $2}'", shell=True, ) .decode() .strip() ) assert "https://" in remote, f"Only https remotes supported: {remote}" assert ".git" in remote # NOTE: Later on perhaps we should support non-https remotes as well # since JCI does not actually do anything with the remote. branch = ( subprocess.check_output( r"git branch | grep \* | awk '{print $2}'", shell=True ) .decode() .strip() ) sha = subprocess.check_output("git rev-parse HEAD", shell=True).decode().strip() message = ( subprocess.check_output("git log -1 --pretty=%B", shell=True) .decode() .strip() ) return cls(sha=sha, branch=branch, remote=remote, commit_message=message)